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Space Token

Space Token (SPACE) is the utility token for Final Autoclaim, a crypto earning website which allows users to earn more than 50 different cryptocurrencies by doing surveys, completing little tasks, staking coins or playing games.

Final Autoclaim ( ) was created in 2019 and it is one of the leading cryptocurrency faucets with over 350.000 users.

Many use-cases are already implemented to Final Autoclaim and other ones will be added in the future. Final Autoclaim users have a big interest to hold their SPACE as holders get better faucet, offers and surveys rewards, futhermore their staking APR are increased depending of the number of SPACE they hold.

Space Token (SPACE) is a Binance Smart Chain Token that maximizes profit with DeFI Yield Generation and Crypto Earning Systems

4% of each on-chain transactions is given to holders.
1% is burned to make this token deflationary.
1% is sent to a charity wallet for later distribution to the community-nominated Organization who supports space exploration.

After two months, Space Ecosystem already has more than 1300 holders and more than 14000 on-chain transfers, the number of holders continues to grow since its creation, as the token already has real use-cases and this is just the beginning!

In addition, Space Token can be earned on 3 crypto faucets partners, and it is expected that the SPACE will be available on hundreds of crypto-earning applications in the future.

Space Token is already available on PancakeSwap and was recently listed on one of most trusted Centralized exchange (trust score of 8/10 on Coingecko) : P2PB2B (3 Pairs Available: BTC, USDT and BNB)

A SpaceSwap is Scheduled for 2022, including swap, farming and launchpools ! Additional information, other links and addresses

Final Autoclaim :

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Added: 2021-12-01

Launched: 2021-06-01


Market Cap: $38,105,762

Price: $0.1090377020

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